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Southeast Veterinary Oncology & Internal Medicine (SEVO-Med)

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Our Story

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At SEVO-Med, we know that your pet is your family. We truly love each animal that comes through our doors for treatment and our veterinary oncology and internal medicine practice provides the highest standard of care for you and your pet.

About SEVO-Med

Founded in October 2004 by double-board-certified veterinary oncologist Dr. Tracy LaDue, Southeast Veterinary Oncology (SEVO) was one of the first oncology-specific veterinary specialty practices in the country. In 2011, we added Internal Medicine to our services and changed our name to SEVO-Med to reflect our growing specialty capabilities.

Our team of expert veterinary specialists provides state-of-the-art care and compassion to your beloved pet, and we offer a full continuum of unmatched health services, ranging from internal medicine and oncology care to palliative care. We will work directly with you and your referring veterinarian to develop a customized care plan that will optimize your pet’s health and keep him/her as comfortable and as happy as possible while in our care.

Mission Statement

To understand the unique and special bond shared between you and your pet. To offer compassionate guidance. To deliver excellent, state-of-the-art medical care. To provide the utmost in client communication. To collaborate with referring veterinarians. To develop the best therapy for your pet.