Ann and I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the unbelievable care and compassion we received over the past two years. We simply cannot believe the treatment we received while Carmen was in your care.

Carmen’s first visit was in late 2014 after a very scary week-long stay at the Brunswick ER, who advised we needed to take her to SEVO-Med to rule out cancer.

Dr. Bertalan came in and immediately explained the process that would take place and what we could expect…all of which helped calm our fears. After a few days, Carmen’s vitals improved and luckily there were no signs of cancer. We took Carmen home with some medicine and, to be honest, never thought we’d hear from SEVO-Med again unless Carmen had a relapse. To our surprise, there were several calls in the weeks to follow from not just the staff but from Dr. Bertalan herself checking on Carmen. This just blew us away as it showed true compassion for some who we cared about with all our hearts.

Two years passed and Carmen is slowing down a bit as she is now 14 years old. We take her home in Huntsville, Alabama for Christmas and it’s clear when we arrive that she isn’t doing well, so we go immediately to the urgent care and after a few hours are advised that her blood test indicates a very strong chance that she has cancer and they ‘want to put her down.’ We were SHOCKED, to say the least…not at her sickness, but at their complete lack of compassion.’ We already knew that there was no way they were going to ‘put her down’ until we had the team at SEVO-Med check on our baby.

When we arrived at SEVO-Med, Dr. Bertalan met us and instantly displayed the care and compassion that made bringing Carmen back there the best decision we ever made. She walked us through the testing process and although the test quickly revealed Carmen did have a form of cancer, the message was delivered with love and care as if it was coming from a family member.

Dr. Bertalan walked us through issues on diagnosing and treating Carmen while she was at the end of the life expectancy for a Miniature Schnauzer. Our decision was not to treat her, but keep her comfortable until her time was over.

In May 2017, Carmen’s cancer had spread to her bone marrow and Dr. Bertalan advised that she was fighting as hard as she could but it was time to let her rest…and so did we. The love and care shown to Carmen on her last day was amazing and the last thing she head was Dr. Bertalan saying “Carmen, we love you.”

We pray that one day we will be able to show our true appreciation to SEVO-Med, Dr. Bertalan and the entire staff.

Roy and Ann Mohr (and Carmen)

I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the excellent medical care and TLC you showed for Danny Boy (as well as support/advice for me!)

He greatly exceeded the grim statistics for T-cell lymphoma and enjoyed two years and two months of high quality time. He is at peace now, and while I miss him terribly, I know I did the right thing in setting him free.

Your kindness means the world to me.

With much respect and great gratitude,

Sheila Mellody (and Danny Boy)

Dr. LaDue and SEVO-Med Staff,

On Wednesday, May 31, I made an on-line donation to your charitable organization, The Hope Chest. I did it as a thank you for all of you who were so wonderful to me and to Ozzie.

He was my dear companion. He died peacefully and gracefully at home on Tuesday.

Will you please make sure my donation is made in his memory.

Best regards,

Betsy Hill (and Ozzie)

Dr. LaDue,

Just wanted to thank you for seeing my Bella on the spot! Dr. Gilbert called you and you saw us immediately. That meant so much to us and we appreciate it more than you know.

You have helped us through these difficult times once before with my Scarlett.

SEVO-Med is a caring and wonderful hospital and Jacksonville is lucky to have you!

Dr. Gilbert put Bella to sleep for us her at our home. She, too, is an exceptional doctor and a real friend.

Brenda Smith and Bella

A note to sincerely thank you for the nice book, which brought us a lot of comfort. We are still trying to cope with her loss, but know that she is in a much better place now with no more suffering. Thanks, too, for all of the care you provided to her. With your help, we did the best we could for her and we’re grateful for that. We know that Angie Bear appreciates that, too.

Again, on behalf of Angie Bear, thank you all.

Charles McNichols and V.S. Giri, M.D. (and Angie Bear)


Today marks the day, one year ago, that Harley and I parted ways in the world. I received your book some days later and was humbled by your compassion and love. It has been a difficult year, but who does not have difficult years.? Harley was a blessing and taught me many valuable lessons. Her last lesson, and perhaps most important, was making me more attune to the sufferings and trials of people I interact with daily. While writing that last statement, it occurred to me how bizarre that sounds, but I am able to empathize more, listen more attentively, and reflect more thoughtfully on the lives of others rather than just myself. A dog made me a better man.

I pray daily and remember you, each and every one of you, for your kindness and compassion. Yours is a debt I cannot repay, and I will carry your kindness the rest of my life.

To Harley, my best friend.

With love and gratitude,

John Paul Randle (and Harley)

Dr. Trina-Murpy Best 005

“Dear Dr. LaDue and Dr. Locke,

Thank you very much for your condolence card, your kind words, and your recollections of our Morgan. That you took time out from your busy schedules for us means a lot. While we naturally miss Morgie terribly, we have had a lot of consoling memories of him, quite a few connected with his trips to see you. For one thing, we had no idea until we started his procedures at SEVO how much he enjoyed riding in the car. He loved his rides up to see you!

What is most consoling about the loss of Morgie – and of Hoover, Joe, and Bubba as well – is that we, through your efforts, can feel confident that we did everything possible to save them. We never have to wonder if we could have done more. It was, and is, particularly gratifying that, despite your numerous clients, everyone took a special and person interest in our pets. I also stand in awe of your unfailing optimism. You always gave us hope no matter how bleak the reality.

We will be up to see you soon with Stevie; We thank you every day for his continued good health. Just as we thank you for all you have done for us and our friends over the past few years. We love you all.”

Chuck Best & Morgan

Zinger St. Amand

Just before Thanksgiving, our 12-year-old Lab, Zinger, was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma on his right front paw. My regular vet explained the options and scenarios and referred me to SEVO-Med. For my family and I, the only option was to see Dr. LaDue.

At our initial appointment, Dr. LaDue explained Zinger’s treatment in great detail and shared recent studies that showed life expectancy with and without treatment. Even though Zinger is older, treatment could give him another year or two with a good quality of life. The decision was made to do the five radiation treatments and administer a combination of medications.

Zinger recently completed his treatment and is doing very well. What an incredible experience this has been at SEVO-Med. Dr. LaDue could not have been more genuinely and compassionately concerned about Zinger’s condition. Make no mistake, she has seen it all. Her knowledge and ability to related and explain Zinger’s options was comprehensive (and understandable). That made for an informed and easy decision about his treatment.

At every appointment, I was greeted, treated warmly and compassionately. I should also note that Dr. LaDue’s staff was always available for questions and reassurance after hours and on the weekends. I could not have asked for more.

Thank you SEVO-Med for such an extraordinary experience.

Jane St. Amand & Zinger

Emmylou Wolfe

“We can’t say enough positive things about our experience with the SEVO-Med team. Our bully-girl Emmy Lou was diagnosed with a grade III mast cell tumor in early 2015. We were devastated to receive this news not only because we love our girl dearly, but also because we lost her older step-brother to the same diagnosis in 2009.

Motivated to find the best treatment options available in Florida, we were impressed with SEVO-Med based on the stated practice philosophy and caliber of the veterinary oncologists. Even though there are other oncologists closer to our home, we chose to make the seven-hour round-trip to SEVO-Med each month.

From the first day we walked into SEVO-Med, all staff members greeted us with incredible warmth and compassion. (Emmy and her very supportive brother Gizmo interpreted this in terms of extra treats and belly/butt rubs.) We found Dr. Locke to be an exceptional clinician and terrific human being who always offered us hope and reassurance throughout Emmy’s year-long schedule of treatment.

Emmy is now cancer-free and graduated from treatment in April 2016. She is currently enjoying renewed levels of energy, eating with abandon, and searching out opportunities to torment her brother daily.

We can’t thank Dr. Locke, Emiley, Jasmine, Kathy and Rachel enough for their many kindnesses and support during Emmy’s treatment. You all are fabulous at what you do and we will always be grateful for all you did for our family.

With much fondness,”

The Wolfe Family

David and Beth Wolfe & Emmy Lou

Spencer Pulone

“Our sincere thanks for the wonderful book and thoughtful words! We were very fortunate to have Dr. Locke and all of SEVO-Med providing expert and compassionate care for Spencer.

The additional time we shared with him is a testament to SEVO-Med and Spencer. We’ll forever cherish the memories and continue to feel his presence.

Special thanks to everyone at SEVO-Med for making a positive difference in our furry friends and their human companions’ lives.

Ben, Carolyn, Sully & Spencer (Over the Rainbow Bridge)


Ben and Carolyn Pulone & Spencer