Ann and I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the unbelievable care and compassion we received over the past two years. We simply cannot believe the treatment we received while Carmen was in your care.

Carmen’s first visit was in late 2014 after a very scary week-long stay at the Brunswick ER, who advised we needed to take her to SEVO-Med to rule out cancer.

Dr. Bertalan came in and immediately explained the process that would take place and what we could expect…all of which helped calm our fears. After a few days, Carmen’s vitals improved and luckily there were no signs of cancer. We took Carmen home with some medicine and, to be honest, never thought we’d hear from SEVO-Med again unless Carmen had a relapse. To our surprise, there were several calls in the weeks to follow from not just the staff but from Dr. Bertalan herself checking on Carmen. This just blew us away as it showed true compassion for some who we cared about with all our hearts.

Two years passed and Carmen is slowing down a bit as she is now 14 years old. We take her home in Huntsville, Alabama for Christmas and it’s clear when we arrive that she isn’t doing well, so we go immediately to the urgent care and after a few hours are advised that her blood test indicates a very strong chance that she has cancer and they ‘want to put her down.’ We were SHOCKED, to say the least…not at her sickness, but at their complete lack of compassion.’ We already knew that there was no way they were going to ‘put her down’ until we had the team at SEVO-Med check on our baby.

When we arrived at SEVO-Med, Dr. Bertalan met us and instantly displayed the care and compassion that made bringing Carmen back there the best decision we ever made. She walked us through the testing process and although the test quickly revealed Carmen did have a form of cancer, the message was delivered with love and care as if it was coming from a family member.

Dr. Bertalan walked us through issues on diagnosing and treating Carmen while she was at the end of the life expectancy for a Miniature Schnauzer. Our decision was not to treat her, but keep her comfortable until her time was over.

In May 2017, Carmen’s cancer had spread to her bone marrow and Dr. Bertalan advised that she was fighting as hard as she could but it was time to let her rest…and so did we. The love and care shown to Carmen on her last day was amazing and the last thing she head was Dr. Bertalan saying “Carmen, we love you.”

We pray that one day we will be able to show our true appreciation to SEVO-Med, Dr. Bertalan and the entire staff.