Today marks the day, one year ago, that Harley and I parted ways in the world. I received your book some days later and was humbled by your compassion and love. It has been a difficult year, but who does not have difficult years.? Harley was a blessing and taught me many valuable lessons. Her last lesson, and perhaps most important, was making me more attune to the sufferings and trials of people I interact with daily. While writing that last statement, it occurred to me how bizarre that sounds, but I am able to empathize more, listen more attentively, and reflect more thoughtfully on the lives of others rather than just myself. A dog made me a better man.

I pray daily and remember you, each and every one of you, for your kindness and compassion. Yours is a debt I cannot repay, and I will carry your kindness the rest of my life.

To Harley, my best friend.

With love and gratitude,