Zinger St. Amand

Just before Thanksgiving, our 12-year-old Lab, Zinger, was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma on his right front paw. My regular vet explained the options and scenarios and referred me to SEVO-Med. For my family and I, the only option was to see Dr. LaDue.

At our initial appointment, Dr. LaDue explained Zinger’s treatment in great detail and shared recent studies that showed life expectancy with and without treatment. Even though Zinger is older, treatment could give him another year or two with a good quality of life. The decision was made to do the five radiation treatments and administer a combination of medications.

Zinger recently completed his treatment and is doing very well. What an incredible experience this has been at SEVO-Med. Dr. LaDue could not have been more genuinely and compassionately concerned about Zinger’s condition. Make no mistake, she has seen it all. Her knowledge and ability to related and explain Zinger’s options was comprehensive (and understandable). That made for an informed and easy decision about his treatment.

At every appointment, I was greeted, treated warmly and compassionately. I should also note that Dr. LaDue’s staff was always available for questions and reassurance after hours and on the weekends. I could not have asked for more.

Thank you SEVO-Med for such an extraordinary experience.