James Scribbins FFF

“To the doctors, nurses and staff of SEVO-Med,

I’m like every other pet that comes here/ we all have a story to tell. Let me give you some insight to mine. I was not quite a year old when I was dumped on a private road. I spotted a home that had other dogs and immediately started conjuring a plan for membership. I would take the family’s shoes from garage hoping they would notice, invite myself on their family dog walks, and sneak around to family’s back porch to sleep at night. All this was done with the dream of winning them over. The plan worked seamlessly and the family took me in with open arms! Yet I still felt I had to prove to them how smart and obedient I was, insuring my acceptance. I showed them I could sit, lay, shake, double-shake, hi-five, and roll over all within a week or two of training time. I will say food was, and still is, a bigggg motivator! I think every pet owner has, or has had that “one” pet that wants to please them; not to boast, but I am that pet to my family!

Life was great until the “cancer”. Now I am no spring chicken, but still enjoy walking, going to the park, and car rides (especially when I get to hang my head out). I am certainly not ready to add a brick to SEVO’s pathway. My family started radiation treatment for me and gave me a new lease on life. Thanks to the great and caring doctors, nurses and staff at SEVO-Med, hope has been restored for a few more years. I can continue to partake in all the things I enjoy and share more memories with my adoring family.

Forever greatful to Dr. LaDue, Dr. Locke, Crystal, Marsha and SEVO-Med staff.”

Thank you,

James (Should have been named Eeyore) and Scribbins Family