Ernie James

“I would like to express our thanks for your staffs’ professionalism in attending to our dog “Ernie”. Sometimes things are said in the simplest of terms, Thanks!

I have assisted in the start-up of medical imaging, urology and emergency medicine practices. I understand that the first cases are critical and that successes are almost a must to get over initial barriers and hurdles. Those hurdles are staff, fellow professionals and customer confidence. The slope to the start of a successful practice is steep, and the slope is often greased with impediments.

I want to offer Pam and me, and she is a much better communicator and spokesperson than I, assistance to you and your practice in any process that we can. I will offer my dogs for transfusions in the future. And I would love to sponsor a brick on the walk way outside the patient room.

“Ernie – One who Won, Saved by a staff of Angels, 2011”

I can tell you that I have read every single brick out there at least a half dozen times. We have on display under glass in our family room the paw print Dr. LaDue sent for Harry five years ago. I think I stood for a moment at every brick.

I know we were an impediment to movements around the office and consumed unbilled resources. Thanks is too easy a response. There must be a “good” [great] restaurant near your practice. Too often the “back room personnel” do not get the attention and thanks, yet they are often the difference in the experience. Pam and I appreciated the genuine concern expressed by each and every one of them.

I have enclosed letters written to the organizations that saw Ernie during the recovery process expressing our thanks to you and your staff. The rule of thumb is that a customer relates to a poor experience seventeen times and a good outcome only three. I will be the exception to the rule. And please express a special thank you to the entire staff.”


Edward W. James