Dr. Trina-Murpy Best 005

“Dear Dr. LaDue and Dr. Locke,

Thank you very much for your condolence card, your kind words, and your recollections of our Morgan. That you took time out from your busy schedules for us means a lot. While we naturally miss Morgie terribly, we have had a lot of consoling memories of him, quite a few connected with his trips to see you. For one thing, we had no idea until we started his procedures at SEVO how much he enjoyed riding in the car. He loved his rides up to see you!

What is most consoling about the loss of Morgie – and of Hoover, Joe, and Bubba as well – is that we, through your efforts, can feel confident that we did everything possible to save them. We never have to wonder if we could have done more. It was, and is, particularly gratifying that, despite your numerous clients, everyone took a special and person interest in our pets. I also stand in awe of your unfailing optimism. You always gave us hope no matter how bleak the reality.

We will be up to see you soon with Stevie; We thank you every day for his continued good health. Just as we thank you for all you have done for us and our friends over the past few years. We love you all.”