“Our beloved Aimee was diagnosed in late August of 2015 with lymphoma by our vet, and the treatment he could provide her was limited.  Dr. Williams suggested that we contact SEVO-Med to see if further treatment could be provided for Aimee.

From the first phone call to SEVO-Med to our last visit, our minds and hearts were put at ease.  We were able to schedule Aimee’s first appointment the next week to meet Dr. LaDue.  At the appointment, everything about her treatment process was explained clearly so we could decide together what would be the best course of action.

Aimee was well enough to begin treatments that day, and our journey began.  Each visit, Aimee, Keith and I were met by loving staff, with plenty of treats in hand, making it a happy place when Aimee arrived.

We were able to keep our Aimee with us for an additional nine months, with virtually no side effects from her treatments, which kept our spirits lifted. SEVO-Med’s loving care provided the invaluable, precious gift of additional time, which we were eternally grateful for.  Each day, and every moment of additional time we spent with our dear sweet Aimee was a gift.

When the journey was becoming too much for Aimee to bear, again everyone at SEVO-Med walked us through final life, and left the day open to when we knew it was time.  At which time, though our hearts were heavy, each staff member guided, and consoled us, making letting go peaceful.

Again, we are forever grateful for Dr. LaDue, Dr. Newman, and all the staff at SEVO-Med, who are now like family to us.

Thank you all.”