“I couldn’t make the appointment with my husband, but he could not say enough good things about the facility, staff, and treatment for our Zeus. We consider our pets family members and just as I want my son treated kindly, respectfully and compassionate at a medical appointment, I expect nothing less for our fur kids. That is exactly what happened at SEVO=Med Orange Park. My Zeus is a nervous anxious guy and his demeanor is usually a direct result of the energy around him. My husband said he was the most relaxed that he has ever seen at a veterinary environment aside from our regular facility. The staff called us with the test results within a couple hours and Dr. Bertalan was very thorough and put all of our fears to rest. I can say without a doubt that in the event we need specialty treatment, SEVO will be our first choice without second thoughts. Quite simply outstanding and professional, yet personable enough that you feel you’ve known the staff forever! Great Job!”