I grew up in a military family and lived all around the country as a small child. After my father retired, we moved to the sunny state of Florida, where I call home. I attended the University of Florida and received a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences followed by a Doctorate in veterinary medicine. I then went on to complete a small animal rotating internal medicine and surgery internship at Kansas State University. After that I went to Auburn University and completed a residency in medical oncology and received my master’s degree in biomedical sciences. Upon completing my oncology residency, I worked in private practice in a specialty hospital in Sarasota, Fl for 3 years. When given the opportunity to come work for SEVO-Med, I did not hesitate, and brought along my beautiful daughter and my husband who is a veterinary surgical oncologist.

I share a household with three cats (Master Splinter, Sardine, and Bethany Hamilton) and three dogs (Deuce, Newton, and Lucy). I really enjoy being outdoors, and saltwater fishing is an incredibly fun hobby for me. I also love the arts. When I was younger, I spent 16 years of my life training in ballet and performed in musical theater.

Prior to veterinary school, I worked as a technician for over ten years. The final four of those years, I spent as a medical oncology technician, and developed a significant interest in the field. Veterinary oncology is forever growing and expanding. The thought of being an active part in the science of it, is exciting. The diagnosis of cancer in a pet can be disheartening, instill fear and uncertainty, and an extremely emotional experience for a pet owner. Having the ability to provide treatment options, a better quality of life for patients, along with easing the concerns of the client and helping them through the process is extremely rewarding to me.