dr-lockeDr. Locke is a native Floridian who grew up around animals. “There was never a time when animals were not a part of our family,” she said. From the time Dr. Locke was 4-years old, chasing butterflies out in the garden, she knew she wanted to become a vet. Her mother encouraged her pet passion as she observed her daughter with their dogs, cats, fish, parakeets and ducks.

In 2001, while finishing her veterinary schooling at the University of Florida, Dr. Locke rescued a two-month-old puppy she found in a cardboard box on the school steps. Today this old-lady mutt named Tuna is still a treasured member of the Locke family. In 2014, Dr. Locke found another mutt under a park bench in Jacksonville, adding Gus to her family. Dr. Locke knows exactly what family members face when their beloved pets get sick. When Old-Lady was twelve she discovered a dime sized bump on her wrist. It turned out to be malignant. Through surgery and radiation her faithful friend is now cancer free.

Dr. Locke loves partnering with her patients families to make life easier as they go through the difficult time of caring for a sick pet. “I want my patients to live the absolute best quality of life possible, whether playing ball or going to the beach.” says Locke. She also wants caretakers to understand that animals tolerate cancer treatments much better than humans.

In 2010, Dr. Locke founded the Hope Chest, a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping provide financial assistance to pet owners who otherwise could not afford this standard of care. To date the foundation has raised over $20,000, enabling them to treat many pets who otherwise would not have received treatment. It has given families the joy of keeping their family pet around. The Hope Chest is part of SEVO-Med and relies on private donations.

Training and Certifications

  • 2001 – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida veterinary school
  • 2005-2007 – Chief of Oncology at Iowa State University’s veterinary college
  • 2010 – Gold Star Award for excellence in veterinary medicine from the Florida Veterinary Medical Association
  • Board certified Medical Oncologist – American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Dr. Locke is married with two sons. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family, gardening, fishing, bicycling and going to the beach.