BertalanDr. Walls always had a lot of pets growing up, mainly dogs, cats, lizards and a rabbit. She also rode horses, although she never owned one of her own. She found great joy in being surrounded by animals.

When the time came for her to go to school she recalls struggling — and her animal friends provided her a great deal of comfort. She always felt she understood animals, and cats were her favorite. She enjoyed taking her animals to the veterinarian, where she looked up to the doctors as they helped her pets.

Today, Dr. Walls has two furry family members: a Persian cat named Goblin and a corgi named Ronnie, who both live with her in Jacksonville.

Dr. Walls joined SEVO-Med in August 2014 as an internal medicine specialist. She decided to specialize in internal medicine after learning how interesting and challenging it was while in veterinary school. She describes internal medicine as being like the TV show “House.”

Dr. Walls loves her job and considers herself a pet advocate who works with owners to provide their beloved animals with the best possible care.

“My goal is to help animals have a good quality of life and to be happy as long as possible,” she says.

Training and Certifications

  • 2006 – BS degree in Animal Sciences, Pennsylvania State University
  • 2010 – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania veterinary school
  • 2011 – Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, Red Bank, NJ
  • 2014 – Awarded Endocrinology Award from ACVIM for a study on dogs with diabetes receiving a different type of insulin
  • Board certified internal medicine specialist – American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Dr. Walls is a native of Pennsylvania.  However, she has a passion for the South and cannot tolerate the cold weather! She enjoys reading (journals, books about history and fashion magazines) and traveling when she has time. She loves visiting her favorite city of Savannah, GA. She also enjoys traveling home to visit family in the Poconos.